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MB-GPW wiring harness, late, master kit -A2002 C MK

wiring harness, MB GPW, late, master kit for the MB - GPW

This wiring kit is used on jeeps which have the trailer socket, blackout driving light, NO radio filter on firewall and have rotary headlight switch, June 6 1944 and later plus or minus a few weeks. Includes color AutoCAD wiring diagram, clip set diagram, and detailed instructions.
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1: wiring harness 
1: battery to starter switch battery cable
1: starter switch to starter battery cable
1: battery to ground cable
1: 6 post junction blocks
1: 2 post junction blocks
4: 1 to 1 connectors
2: 2 to 1 connectors
1: wiring clip set
NOTE: does not include any bond straps, or shielded wiring

NOTE: here is a video on wiring harnesses
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