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Flywheel ass'y w/ 97 tooth ring gear -A1443

Flywheel ass'y resurfaced with new 97 tooth ring gear installed.
Before ordering confirm tooth count of ring gear and size of dowel pins. 
Standard tapered dowel pins measure .55" at large end the taper to .45" at small end.
Retrofitted straight dowel pins varied, however flywheel machined for standard straight .5625" (9/16")
dowel pins is available.

Please select the following options:
Dowel pin size
Ring gear tooth count


Dowel Pins
Standard taper dowel pins
.550" x .450"
Straight dowel pins .5625" [Add $0.00]
Base Price: $145.00 Customized Price: $145.00
  • Standard taper dowel pins
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